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Soccer betting, after many years of development, has become an indispensable playground for today’s bettors. So how can you play online betting? Together Nhà cái uy tín Refer to this article to find the answer!
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What is soccer betting? Why should you play?

Online soccer betting is a form of money betting based on the results of soccer matches. This form of betting has many outstanding advantages compared to traditional soccer betting.

Currently, bettors can easily bet on football via phone and computer devices. Play anytime, anywhere, both for entertainment and to make money at the highest level.

Every day at reputable bookmakers there are hundreds of online bets taking place for gamers to choose from. With all the famous football tournaments around the world.

Some frequently asked questions when betting on soccer at  Nhà cái uy tín

If you bettors don’t know where to start to play online betting. Please follow the frequently asked questions below to find answers.

What is the minimum amount to play soccer betting?

Normally, the current popular bet level at leading online bookmakers is 50,000 VND. This is the minimum amount that can bring profit to bettors. You can gradually increase this amount as you gain more experience.

Where to see soccer match schedules and odds?

Online multi-player bookmakers today all provide these two features for you. Can be easily tracked just by visiting a reputable bookmaker.

Is soccer betting easy to play?

Soccer betting is a subject that requires players to have a lot of experience and knowledge about soccer to be able to play well. Therefore, players need to always improve their knowledge to increase their winning rate.

Some notes when playing soccer betting for new bettors

When playing soccer betting, players need to pay attention to the issues we will mention below. First, you must choose a bookmaker that is safe in terms of quality as well as other services.
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Next, before participating in any live soccer betting match. You also need to carefully read information about the team’s situation to analyze and predict.

You can review previous matches of the two teams. Or you can see reviews and comments from famous experts. In addition, another thing to note for you is the source of capital invested in online betting.

You should control your capital well to avoid excessive losses that put pressure on your economy. In each bet, you should predict how much damage you will suffer if you lose so you can have a backup plan.

Learn some types of soccer betting odds at  Nhà cái uy tín

Next, we will introduce to you some of the most popular, attractive and popular types of soccer betting bets that many players participate in today.

Handicap bet

Handicap betting, also known as Asian handicap, is a basic type of handicap, easy to understand and simple to play. A reputable bookmaker will give the Handicap ratio of the upper team to the lower team and along with that, the betting odds.

Players choose the bet that they think is most likely to win to place a bet. Handicap bets are divided into many small types, this is also the cradle for creating other bets.

1 x 2 bet

1 x 2 bet is also known as European bet, this bet corresponds to 3 betting doors. 1 is to choose the upper team to win, x is the final score to draw, 2 is to choose the lower team to win.

This type of bet has just been tested in Vietnam not long ago but has brought very positive results and is also popular with players.

Over/Under betting

For Over/Under bets, players will not have to worry about the two teams participating in the match, you just need to pay attention to the final score. Based on the number given by the dealer, the player chooses Over or Under.

Over: The total number of goals in the match is greater than the number given by the house.

Under wins: When the final result of the match, the number of balls scored is less than the number given by the bookmaker.

Score bets

This type of bet will be quite difficult to play because the player must give the exact final score of the match. But the payout rate in this bet is extremely high. If you are passionate about risk, you can try this type of bet.


Above is the basic information aboutFootball Betting online and what you should know about this type of betting. Quickly register an account and try betting on football!

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