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Dao cockfighting is a very popular form of cockfighting today, attracting a large number of visitors in Vietnam. New888. Experiencing the arena full of drama, viewers will be delighted with the battles held on a large scale. Let’s go to the article below to learn more information surrounding this attractive form of cockfighting!

Overview of the form of cockfighting

Knife cockfighting is a type of competition in cockfighting cages to increase drama as well as attract more spectators to watch. In this form, the fighting cocks will in turn be equipped with a special small weapon, an iron knife right at the spur. Thanks to this feature, the battle will start to be more intense, and the exam time will also end early.

Because as long as one of the two sides receives a fatal kick from the opponent, they can quickly collapse. Besides, the fighting cocks must have enough fighting blood and courage to dare to go on the field to face the risk of quick death. With the appeal of this form of cockfighting, many bettors are curious and interested in registering to play right on  New888.

What are the characteristics of knife cockfighting matches?

Considered as life-and-death battles in the cockfighting world, the form of cockfighting also has many other extremely interesting characteristics. Below are a few special points that make these matches attractive.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of each match

As mentioned before, cockfighting brings attraction from every development of the match. Viewers will always feel like they want to concentrate and observe meticulously, not wanting to miss any movement. Because every minute in this cock fight, there are bold, high-damage attacks, creating a climax for the watchers. For bettors who are interested in this thrill, betting on cockfighting is a great choice for you.

Many matches take place every day, with a variety of scales

In addition, cock fighting matches take place in a fairly short period of time. Because the attacks have a high critical level, this causes the opponent to be defeated early after only 1-2 attacks. Therefore, each match in this form of cockfighting only takes 5 – 15 minutes to end. Thanks to that, many matches of different sizes will be held in one day, so viewers don’t have to worry about getting bored.

Many breeds of chickens participate in war

Another outstanding feature of cockfighting is the diversity in fighting cock breeds. Depending on which breed of chicken is involved in the battle, they will also have unique characteristics. Each personality of each species will have different tactics and attacks, creating diversity and uniqueness. Thanks to this factor, bettors also feel more excited when participating in betting.
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Reasons to watch cockfighting here New888

Currently, it is not too difficult for players to choose a website that provides cockfighting to watch. But among them,  New888 is still the name that receives a lot of attention, because it possesses the following advantages:

  • The bookmaker has been certified and legally protected in the Philippines for its online entertainment business.
  • Every day  New888 broadcasts a large number of different matches, all from famous cockfighting arenas around the world.
  • Broadcast quality is stable, each match has sharp sound and images. This creates more authenticity, giving viewers the best experience.
  • At  New888, viewers are allowed to watch cockfighting for free. For those who want to predict the outcome, just perform the betting operation as usual.
  • The information that players provide to the house when using the service here will be guaranteed to be 100% confidential.
  • Members of the house also have the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts specifically for the cockfighting section. Moreover, the participation rules are extremely simple, players do not have to go through many cumbersome procedures that cause difficulties.
  • Unique attractive payout rates for bettors participating in cockfighting betting on  New888. Opportunity to get rich quickly from a reputable playground after just one night of monitoring and predicting results.


So this article has clearly shown you what are the advantages of this form of cockfighting. It can be said that these battles possess a thrilling element, making it difficult for players to take their eyes off. If you are looking for a place that provides high-quality cockfighting betting and broadcasting services, don’t hesitate to come to  New888 right away!

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