New88 Event Organization – Summary of the Biggest Events of 2023

Information New888 Event organization is being sought after by many gamers. Let’s follow the detailed summary of the biggest events of 2023 that the house is about to organize!

New88 organize events is a regular thing that happens every year. Members of the house will be able to participate in the event and receive extremely attractive incentives. So in 2023, Bookmaker New88 What big events are planned? This article will reveal the full details so that bettors can mentally prepare to participate!

Subjects participating in the event

New88 is a betting and reward address that offers top class and safe services in the market. Activities always aim at the motto that players are number one. Therefore, all members of the house enjoy great and fair benefits.

Thanks to that operating motto New88 organize events with a dense and regular schedule for players. Anyone, whether a new player or a VIP member, has the right to participate in events offered by the house. The most special is the New88 birthday celebration event coming up in July. So please register an account to not miss any attractive benefits!

How to join the event:

  • Step 1: Go to the official page of New88 playground.
  • Step 2: Click “Register” on the interface.
  • Step 3: Enter all the information required by the system.
  • Step 4: Check the information and then click confirm.
  • Step 5: Learn about the events and conditions to participate in the event and then follow the requirements.

New88 What events will be held in 2023?

To encourage morale, as well as express gratitude to gamers participating in betting atNew88, the house has focused on launching many events at important times of the year. New88 organize events coincides with major Vietnamese holidays. Aiming to bring the most complete entertainment moments to our members.

  • International Women’s Day March 8: Organize fan meetings to exchange and give gifts to gamers. In particular, female members will have the opportunity to enter a lucky draw to receive valuable gifts.
  • New88 organize eventsOn April 30, exchange music and play many attractive mini games with bettors.
  • Big event in mid-July 1, grateful to long-time customers with many great gift giving events.
  • New88 organize events National Day September 2
  • Mid-Autumn Festival September 29, accompanying New88 to give practical gifts to children.
  • Celebrating the founding of New88 on November 20, interacting with gamers and giving gifts in big cities (Hanoi – Da Nang – Ho Chi Minh City).
  • Christmas December 25
  • New Year’s Day on January 1, 2024, jubilantly opening the spring to welcome the new year.

The purpose of New88 organizing the event

With a series of extremely attractive events at New88, the house wants to express gratitude to the members who have always accompanied and stuck together over the past time. It can be seen that there are many bookmakers in the betting market today. To be able to stand firmly and have an important position in the hearts of bettors is a great success.

New88 organize events At the same time, upgrade the betting system so that gamers can experience more new things. Besides, gamers also feel the care and gratitude that this betting venue has given them. Therefore, the quality of the events certainly does not disappoint bettors.

Rumors of fraudulent events atNew88

Currently, many rumors say that New88 organize eventsJust to advertise and attract attention to the betting community. This is a trick to scam players, so is this rumor true or not?

Rumor origin

Currently, New88 is a popular name, considered the most prestigious bookmaker. Because of its popularity and the attention of many bettors, it has made its opponents restless. That’s why the rumors about the bookies New88 organizes events is a scam that has been released to confuse many enthusiasts. Since then, the house’s reputation has decreased, creating opportunities for competitors to rise.

The unique prestige ofNew88

One thing is certain: the rumors that New88 is cheating or spreading fake news about exciting events are not true. As a world-class bookmaker, operating under the supervision of competent betting organizations, fraud is very difficult to occur. And especially when you have a solid position like yours now, you can’t trade it for such immediate revenue sources.
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Besides, the forums spreading rumors have never had any basis to prove the bookmaker New88 organizes events virtual. So that rumor will always be a rumor and not a fact.

So here’s the detailed information New88 organizes events has been shared. It can be seen that New88 is a playground that is not afraid to invest to give bettors the most complete experience. Register to participate so you don’t miss any upcoming exciting events!

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