Learn about Linh Giap Tu chicken scales  – “The First Divine Knife”

Linh Giap Tu chicken scales  is the rarest type of scale for cocks used in cockfighting. Bookmaker New88 will help you learn more interesting information about the characteristics of this special type of chicken scales. At the same time, share more good tips to help chickens choose chickens with unique Linh Giap Tu scales.

What are  Linh Giap Tu chicken scales ?

This type of scale only appears in chickens of the “god chicken” line and is highly appreciated by top chicken masters. Fighting cocks possessing this type of scale have the ability to deliver extremely dangerous blows. Especially in the final moves, they show more and more aggression and aggression.

What are chicken scales?

The chicken scales are the chicken skin but have a darker color and surround the chicken feet. That is one of the classes of spears that help the chicken not get injured when fighting. Chicken scales are divided into two types: the front row of scales and the back row of scales. The front row of scales has two parts: the parietal row (outer) is the scale running from the outside straight up to the knee. The internal part is the scale running from the middle finger up to the chicken’s knee.

For the following scale row, there are 4 parts: degree row, zinc row, back row and toi row. For the level row, also known as the foot row, it is the area running up from the spur. Zinc rows are two small lines on the left and right sides of the row. The back row is the area of ​​the scales just behind the cock’s legs. At the end of the row is the scale from the back finger of the chicken (the finger) running straight up.

The scales of fighting chickens are often seen on the lower part of the legs, the joints in the middle of the feet and the legs of the chicken. How to identify the special scales of the god cock breed requires a keen eye and accurate knowledge. Among many types of special fighting cock scales, Linh Giap Tu chicken scales considered the most precious and rare.

How to identify the characteristics of  Linh Giap Tu chicken scales 

How to identify the type Linh Giap Tu chicken scales  This type of scale runs from the chicken’s fingers, straight up and touches the two armors. Lie right at the spur of the inner/sarcophagus row, then open your mouth and hold the pearl right at this position. During the fight, this cock will reward the opponent with the first few moves. Next, when the Linh Giap Tu-scaled chickens start jumping, almost no opponent can beat them.

Chickens possessing Linh Giap Tu scales have extremely vicious attacks. They can cause opponents to suffer lifelong damage or be devastated and die right in the arena. For this type of chicken, if the opponent cannot win overwhelmingly from the beginning, it will be very difficult to have a good outcome. Because towards the end, Linh Giap Tu’s scaled chicken fights harder.

For those of you who bet on cockfighting online, when choosing the type of cock to have Linh Giap Tu chicken scales  To place bets, please note the above. Your chances are also quite high to win. However, this type of chicken is quite rare on the market and not easy to find, regular chickens will not have this characteristic.

The type of chicken with Linh Giap Tu scales is rare and possesses exceptionally powerful abilities. However, owning these chickens does not necessarily mean you will win the match. Cockfighters also need to research more methods to train fighting cocks to increase their strength in fighting.

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Why should you choose  Linh Giap Tu chicken scales  for fighting cocks?

Professional cockfighting players are always very sophisticated when choosing chickens with rare scales. Which, kind of Linh Giap Tu chicken scales This is a guarantee of the fierce fighting ability, high endurance and strong fighting power of these fighting cocks. This type of chicken is also considered by many experts to have the ability to win against many cocks possessing other valuable scales. That is a chicken with large thyroid scales or internal inter-thyroid scales.

Viewing method Linh Giap Tu chicken scales  considered by cockers to be the best way to identify a fighting cock. Not only do these chickens possess strong attack power, but they also have rare endurance throughout the competition process. They have continuous damage, strong counterattacks, and the closer they get to the end, the more confident they are in fighting to win.

When you choose a fighting cock that possesses special Linh Giap Tu scales, it will increase the value and bonuses of the matches. This type of chicken not only possesses special strength but also has high aesthetic value, so many players choose to raise it. However, to be able to use this type of chicken effectively, the cocker needs to have enough patience, diligence and dedication.

Choosing standards Linh Giap Tu chicken scales Helps you evaluate the fighting ability of cocks, helps predict results and place standard bets. Not only that, this is also an interesting art in raising fighting chickens for fighting. You can completely master the secrets to choosing the right fighting cock. Need to practice patience, expertise and gain more experience with fighting cock breeds.

The secret to choosing the right  Linh Giap Tu chicken scales  from a professional cocker

If you want to own a fighting cock with Linh Giap Tu scales, you need to consider many characteristics for correct identification. First, you should pay attention to choosing the chicken breed and chicken shape to see if they are suitable to own that type of Linh Giap Tu scale or not.

The second thing is that you need to observe whether it is the correct type of Linh Giap Tu scale or not. You should carefully and meticulously observe each characteristic according to the description given above. Only after correctly determining that it is a Linh Giap Tu scaled chicken is the best method to take care of the chicken.

When observing Linh Giap Tu fighting chickens, you will see that this type of chicken usually does not strike too much, too continuously, but every blow is sure to hit. Especially, kicking with all dangerous blows makes the opponent dizzy until seriously injured or dies.

Should see Linh Giap Tu chicken scales  when the fighting cock has reached adulthood and is in good health. This will help you easily identify the shape and color of Linh Giap Tu’s scales most accurately. In addition, to have a fighting cock in the best condition, you should not ignore the factors of feather color, health and chicken breed.

Linh Giap Tu scales often have clear shapes, are large and thin, and have sharp edges. Chickens with blue or red scales usually have only average fighting power. Be patient and meticulous when choosing and looking at the chicken’s scales to choose the one with the strongest fighting power. This also requires cockers with a lot of experience in the profession to evaluate.

 Linh Giap Tu chicken scales is one of the most popular types of chicken scales today, considered the “first divine knife”. In cockfighting, cockfighters need to have a solid understanding of this rare type of chicken scales. Through the above article, game portal New88 https://new889.blue/ Hope you will get useful information to exploit the special value of these fighting chickens.

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