Is it Okay to Use Sunscreen While Wearing BB Cream?

If you are someone who is concerned about their appearance, you have most likely thought about the sequence in which they should apply their skincare products. The subject of whether or not it is appropriate to utilize anti aging bb cream in addition to sunscreen is one that comes up frequently. After all, both products are designed to accomplish distinct goals, and it is critical to use them in the appropriate order in order to achieve optimal results with regard to skincare and sun protection. This article will go into the topic of layering skincare products and provide you with information on whether or not it is a good idea to wear BB cream under sunscreen.

Getting to Know BB Cream and the Benefits It Offers

BB cream, which is an abbreviation for “blemish balm” or “beauty balm,” has rapidly become an indispensable component of many women’s daily cosmetic procedures. It is a versatile product that may be used in a variety of different ways to get a number of different benefits. In most cases, BB cream offers a light covering that works to level out the skin tone. Additionally, it often contains additional skincare elements such as antioxidants, hydration, and even SPF in certain cases.

What Makes BB Cream So Popular

The convenience of BB cream stems from the fact that it may perform multiple functions at once. It streamlines the process by integrating the procedures of moisturizing, priming, and applying foundation, which results in time savings. The additional skincare elements have the potential to contribute, over time, to improvements in both the texture and brightness of the skin.

The Importance of Utilizing Sunscreen

On the other hand, applying sunscreen before going outside is an essential part of any skincare routine. Your skin will be shielded from the potentially damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, which is the principal function of the product. Sunscreen serves as a barrier that either absorbs or reflects the UV radiation, preventing the radiation from accessing the skin and causing damage such as sunburn, premature aging, and possibly even skin cancer.

Applying Sunscreen Is Your Last Line of Defense

It is important to remember that applying sunscreen as the final step of your skincare routine will allow you to get the most out of its protective properties. This guarantees that the protective barrier is not broken down by other products and that it stays on the surface of the skin to continue performing its function.

In accordance with the Order of Application

Now comes the all-important question: should you put on BB cream in addition to sunscreen? The order in which the applications are made provides the answer. Follow this step-by-step tutorial in order to achieve the best possible results:


Begin with a blank slate or canvas. Applying a mild cleanser to your skin is the most effective way to get rid of traces of pollution, oil, and makeup.

Refining and Replenishing Serums

In accordance with your routine, apply any serums or toners that you use. Because of their low weight, these items should be administered before those that are more substantial.


After that, apply a moisturizer to your skin so that it stays hydrated. This step is essential since BB cream and sunscreen can both be damaging to the skin if the skin has not been properly hydrated beforehand.

BB Cream

At this point, you should put on a BB cream that also has a sun protection factor (SPF). Your complexion will look more even, and you will receive some protection from the sun thanks to the lightweight coverage.


Applying sunscreen as the final layer is the finishing touch. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that has a minimum of SPF 30 and apply it liberally to all regions of exposed skin.

Why the Sequence Is Important

It makes perfect sense to apply the BB cream first, followed by the sunscreen. Your sunscreen will have an easier time adhering to your skin if you use BB cream first since it works as a primer. Nevertheless, there are a few reasons why the sequence of these things is important:

The Effectiveness of Sunscreens

The formation of a continuous barrier on your skin occurs when sunscreen is applied last after other products. If you put BB cream on top of the sunscreen, it might not stick to your skin the way it should, which could reduce its efficiency.

Capacity for Breathing

BB cream typically has a more substantial consistency than sunscreen. When worn with sunscreen, it improves the skin’s ability to breathe and prevents clogged pores, both of which can contribute to acne breakouts.

Absorption Through the Skin

In order for sunscreen to properly protect the skin, it must first be absorbed into the skin. If you apply BB cream first, this absorption could be hampered, which would result in a lower UV protection factor.


In conclusion, although it would make sense to apply BB cream after sunscreen, the order in which the products that are recommended should be followed for the greatest possible effects. First, perform your usual skincare routine, then, if you so choose,  BB cream, and conclude by applying a substantial amount of sunscreen. This keeps your skin safe from the sun’s potentially damaging rays while enabling each product to carry out its intended purpose in the most efficient manner.

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