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Forest City: The Future of Real Estate Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that has always been on the rise in terms of infrastructure and economic development. With a population of over 32 million, Malaysia has become a hub for international trade and investment, and one of the best environment for the real estate. One of the most impressive developments that Malaysia has seen in recent years is the creation of Forest City, a smart and green futuristic city developed by Country Garden Pacificview Sdn Bhd. This city is a unique opportunity to be part of a dynamism that combines environment, technology, and cutting-edge technology to create an ideal, idyllic and technology-driven living and working space ecosystem.

About Forest City

Compromising four man-made islands spanning 30km2, Forest City is a new urban development located in the Iskandar Malaysia Special Economic Zone in Johor, Malaysia. The development, established under the Economic Transformation Plan of the Malaysian government in 2006, was invested by both Singapore and Malaysia governments and spans approximately 30 sq. Km. It consists of four human-made islands (approx. 20 sq. km), a golf resort and IBS industrial park (10 sq. km).

Forest City Malaysia has completed over 9,000 new homes and is ready to welcome new residents. Following the completion of the Starview Bay complex in May, this development will allow an additional 6,500 residents to move into one of the world’s most innovative new cities.

A Smart and Connected City

To meet the needs of its growing community, Forest City has developed a comprehensive and connected smart island experience that encompasses innovative living technologies, personalized service, and community events. The city utilizes the latest smart security systems to ensure its residents are safe, including smart doors and elevators that use facial and fingerprint recognition and invisible electric fencing. The Forest Life App offers convenient access to a variety of community services, including entertainment options through Readlife, Malaysia’s first cloud-based community digital library. Meanwhile, Malaysia’s first smart robot service community, Canbot, is on-hand to provide residents with multilingual support and welcome guides.

Forest City has also devoted most of its manpower to the positions of butler, aiming to cultivate an intimate relationship with each property owner. With residents from over 30 countries, Forest City has organized multicultural events to encourage cultural exchanges. To date, the community has celebrated Chinese New Year and Japanese Cultural Day, and in May, a tie-dying workshop using Henna and Chinese handcrafted items fostered cultural understanding between residents.

An Ideal Environment for Living

The city is covered with idyllic parks and no vehicular traffic, forming an ideal environment where everyone can enjoy the sun, a swim, or a carefree stroll. Life here is exciting, with smart technologies and everything from food and entertainment to work and leisure. Forest City is the city with the perfect climate, sea views, clear blue skies, and fresh air all year round, making it a desired living paradise.

Forest City is a great place to enjoy life, with its unique environment and smart living technologies. The city is a dream come true for those who seek a perfect balance between work and leisure. The residents of Forest City Malaysia can enjoy the perfect lifestyle that only a few can dream of, and at the same time, experience the best of Malaysia.


Forest City Malaysia is a development that combines environment, technology, and cutting-edge technology to create an ideal, idyllic and technology-driven living and working space ecosystem. The city has been named by Forbes as one of “five new cities that are set to shake up the future.” With smart living technologies, innovative security systems, and a multicultural community, Forest City Malaysia is indeed the future of real estate in Malaysia.

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