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Empowering Collaboration with Ikinor’s Interactive Flat Panels

Welcome to the forefront of innovation, where collaboration becomes seamless and engagement is redefined. At the heart of this transformation is Ikinor, a pioneering interactive flat panel supplier that’s shaping the future of interactive solutions.

Ikinor’s Interactive Flat Panels: A Gateway to Interaction

Imagine a space where ideas flow effortlessly, meetings become dynamic conversations, and classrooms come alive with engagement. This is the realm of Ikinor’s interactive flat panels, available in sizes ranging from 65″ to 110″. These panels transcend traditional displays, integrating cutting-edge technologies that empower users to interact seamlessly.

Featuring high accuracy infrared 40-point touch technology and the robust Android 13 Mother Board, Ikinor’s interactive flat panels transform passive content consumption into active participation. Users can effortlessly engage in meetings, lessons, and collaborative sessions, fostering an environment where ideas flourish.

Enhancing the Experience: Features that Define Ikinor’s Panels

NTSC Technology: Dive into visuals with optional NTSC 85% support, breathing life into presentations with vibrant colors.

Zero Bonding Technology: Immerse in captivating visuals, a result of Ikinor’s advanced zero bonding technology that heightens the visual experience.

Full Function Type-C: Elevate connectivity with multi-functional USB Type-C, ensuring rapid power charging and seamless data exchange.

Ikinor’s Vision: A World of Collaborative Innovation

Beyond technology, Ikinor envisions a world where collaboration knows no bounds. The interactive flat panels they provide aren’t just tools; they’re bridges connecting minds, fostering creativity, and enabling efficient communication. With Ikinor, the future of collaboration is realized today.

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