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Elevate Your Stage Lighting with Light Sky’s Scope Beam Mini LED Spot Moving Head Light

Light Sky presents the Scope Beam, an exceptional moving beam light that promises to revolutionize your stage lighting experience. With its energy-efficient design, eco-friendly features, and remarkable performance, the Scope Beam is a game-changer in the world of lighting solutions. Let’s delve into the key features and benefits of this extraordinary mini-beam light.

Long-lasting Brilliance

Equipped with the cutting-edge OSRAM 230W LED module, the Scope Beam guarantees an impressive lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Say goodbye to frequent light source replacements and enjoy significant cost savings in the long run.

Environmentally Friendly

The moving beam light-Scope Beam takes a step towards sustainability. By producing minimal heat radiation, it contributes to reducing energy consumption and minimizing your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win situation for both your wallet and the planet.

Instant Lighting Control:\

Experience immediate and precise lighting control with the Scope Beam’s instant on/off capabilities. This feature enhances the efficiency and responsiveness of your lighting setup. Enjoy smooth and continuous dimming without any flickering or dithering, thanks to the excellent dimming control feature.

Captivating Visual Effects

The Scope Beam is designed to make a visual impact. With its sharp color temperature of 7700K, it emits uniform, high-brightness light that captivates your audience. Imagine the stunning ambiance you can create with its impressive luminance of 46,948 lux at a distance of 10 meters. It’s a visual feast for the eyes that will leave a lasting impression.

Compact and Versatile

Despite its incredible performance, the Scope Beam maintains a compact and lightweight design. Installing and disassembling the fixture is a breeze, thanks to its integrated hook. Whether you’re setting up a large production or a small venue, the Scope Beam offers the versatility and convenience you need.


Light Sky’s Scope Beam mini LED spot moving head light offers a premium lighting experience for stage designers, event organizers, and lighting professionals alike. With its long lifespan, energy efficiency, exceptional visual effects, and user-friendly design, it’s a must-have for transforming your stage. Illuminate your stage with the Scope Beam and take your lighting to new heights.

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