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Building a Greener Future: Forest City’s Sustainable Tourism Approach

Forest City understands the transformative power of sustainable tourism in building a greener future. By embracing sustainable practices, Forest City not only benefits the local community but also enhances the reputation of Iskandar Malaysia as a sustainable destination. Forest City’s initiatives, such as collaborating with green technology distributors and establishing a Green Zone/Central Park, demonstrate its commitment to minimizing environmental impact and fostering sustainable tourism development.

Why you should pursue sustainable

  1. Economic Development: Sustainable tourism can be an important source of income and economic development for local communities. When tourism is managed sustainably, it can create jobs, generate income, and stimulate local businesses. By involving the local population in tourism activities and ensuring that the economic benefits are distributed fairly, sustainable tourism can contribute to poverty reduction and improve the overall well-being of communities.
  2. Community Empowerment: Sustainable tourism actively involves and empowers local communities in decision-making processes. It promotes community engagement, participation, and ownership of tourism initiatives. Through capacity building, training, and education, local communities can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to manage and benefit from tourism in a sustainable manner. This helps to foster a sense of pride, empowerment, and social cohesion within the community.

What’s the fun of traveling in Forest City

At Forest City, you can enjoy the golf course. The Jack Nicklaus Legacy Course is an exceptional golf course designed by the renowned golf legend, Jack Nicklaus, along with his son, Jack Nicklaus II. This par-72 course spans an impressive 7,386 yards from the black markers and winds its way through picturesque mangrove swamps along the Pulai River. The course features wide and undulating fairways, meticulously crafted greens turfed with lush Paspalum Platinum grass, and strategically placed sculptured bunkers, sprawling waste areas, and large lakes that provide both beauty and challenge.

The Liang Guo Kun (LGK) Classic Course is a departure from traditional designs, reflecting a commitment to transforming and returning to nature. Embracing the fundamental principles of the golf industry, this course showcases ingenious shaping and meticulous attention to detail on a flat marshland canvas. A network of interconnected lakes not only provides irrigation but also adds dynamic movement to the course. Every aspect of this tactfully designed golf course offers distinctiveness, challenge, and joy for golfers seeking a memorable and rewarding experience.


Overall, whether you’re seeking sustainable tourism experiences or looking to tee off on world-class golf courses, Forest City provides a destination that embraces environmental responsibility and offers captivating recreational opportunities for visitors.

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