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Achieve Precision Inspection with SmartMoreInside’s Industrial Cameras

When it comes to precision inspection in industrial settings, having high-performance cameras is crucial. SmartMoreInside offers a range of industrial cameras designed to deliver exceptional results and enhance your inspection processes. Now explore how these cameras can revolutionize your precision inspection capabilities.

High Resolution and Efficient Connectivity

SmartMoreInside’s USB3.0 Color Industrial Camera (SMI-CU3-4080P-01) boasts high resolution and efficient connectivity. Equipped with a hardware cache, these cameras ensure efficient performance, allowing you to capture and process images seamlessly. What’s more, you can connect multiple cameras to a single computer using a USB3.0 HUB, simplifying the setup and reducing cable clutter. The cameras seamlessly integrate into embedded devices, supporting PC Linux and ARM Linux systems. With U3VISION protocol compatibility, they provide seamless support for popular vision software, making integration hassle-free.

Enhanced Production Efficiency and Accuracy

For large-format inspection and high-speed pipeline inspection, SmartMoreInside offers the Gigabit Network Color Line Scan Camera (SMI-CGiL-4K-04). Designed to meet the demands of these critical applications, these cameras excel in delivering outstanding results. With their 4K resolution and impressive line frequency of up to 28KHz, they significantly improve production efficiency. These cameras integrate various ISP image algorithms and support external trigger modes, enabling precise and accurate inspections. By choosing these cost-effective solutions, you can enhance your product competitiveness while maintaining exceptional quality standards.

Trigger Modes and Automatic Stitching Functionality

SmartMoreInside’s industrial cameras are equipped with advanced features to enhance accuracy and versatility in industrial inspections. They offer support for multiple trigger modes, including encoder synchronous and photoelectric sensor triggers. This flexibility allows you to choose the most suitable triggering method for your specific application. Moreover, the cameras come with hardware support for automatic stitching of pixel ROI in both horizontal and vertical directions. This functionality ensures increased accuracy while saving time and effort.


In conclusion, SmartMoreInside’s industrial cameras are specifically designed to deliver precision inspection capabilities. With their high resolution, efficient connectivity, and seamless integration into existing systems, these cameras provide exceptional performance. By utilizing the advanced features such as various trigger modes and automatic stitching functionality, you can enhance production efficiency and accuracy. SmartMoreInside offers cost-effective solutions that optimize results and increase competitiveness in industrial inspections. Trust SmartMoreInside to elevate your precision inspection processes and achieve superior quality standards.

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