What is the half handicap handicap – Experience in playing easy-to-win handicaps

Surely longtime soccer bettors are no longer unfamiliar with half-money handicaps. However, for new players who still do not understand what the half-coin handicap is? Together New88 Find out more details through the content below and experience playing easy-to-win high bets.
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Learn a few things about half handicap?

The half-coin handicap is also known by many football betting experts as another name: ΒΌ handicap or 0.25 handicap. If the player chooses this bet, the final result of the match is a draw, meaning he will lose half of the bet. When two teams win or lose, they will both be judged as winning enough or losing enough.

With the above information, we can answer what the half handicap is for new players. The formula for calculating the winning and losing results of that quarter bet is as follows:

  • In a match where team A wins against B with any score, player A bets 10 points and will win 9 points. This means that the person who bets B will lose.
  • When team B wins the match with any score, player B bets 10 points and will win 10.5 points.
  • When two teams tie: Player A will lose half of the bet and player B will win half of the bet.

How to calculate wins and losses in half-coin handicap?

Once you understand a few things about what a half-way handicap is, the way to calculate the wins and losses of this type of bet is also of interest to many people. To be able to distinguish between two teams, the bookmaker will usually choose the upper team as the team that will handicap the lower team. Most of the top teams will be appreciated more by many players.

In addition, half-way bets do not require players to pay attention to the score of the match, but will pay attention to which team will win and which team will draw or lose. Below is how to calculate the win – loss result of a half handicap as follows:

  • When the upper team wins: The player who bets on the upper team will win the bet, and vice versa, the player who bet on the lower team will lose the previous bet amount.
  • If the upper team loses: If you bet on the upper team to lose, it means you will win the full bet amount, otherwise the player who bets on the lower team will win the full bet amount.
  • In case two teams draw: If the player bets on the upper team to win, it means he will lose half of the previous bet. For those who bet on the underdog team to win, they will receive half the bet amount.

What are the important factors in a half handicap?

When you learn about half-way handicap, you also need to pay attention to the important factors of this type of bet. Not only with half-left handicap in particular but any football bet in general. First, players need to learn about the bookmaker they choose to bet on.

You should choose a quality and reputable address to ensure fairness in the payout rate. In addition, it also prevents your personal information from being exposed to the outside world. Advice from experts is that players should carefully research the transparency of that house before placing a bet.
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Revealing the experience of playing half-coin handicaps from experts

Basically, half handicap has relatively simple rules, easy to implement and extremely attractive odds. However, new players do not have many skills to win this bet. According to the experience of a long-time soccer betting expert, some things are shared as follows:

  • If the team that is rated higher is the home team, you must prioritize choosing the team with the higher performance.
  • When the team that is rated higher is the away team, players can consider betting on the away team.
  • If the match does not have much difference, you need to evaluate the passing style of the two teams and their achievements in recent matches.
  • Besides, you also need to learn and practice the skills of analyzing the match’s lineup in the first 15 minutes. Then choose which team to bet on.


Above is some information about research What is a half handicap? and experiences from experts. Hopefully this article will help you better understand this form of betting.

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