What is the difference between CEM and GL Exams?

The 11+ exams are produced by two main exam boards in the UK: the CEM (Certificate of Examinations Management) and the GL Exams Assessment (GL Exams Assessment). Each exam board offers a different format. Your region and grammar school will determine the type of exam that your child receives. Each grammar school and region has its own preference when it comes the 11+ exams.

It is crucial that parents understand the differences between the CEM exam and the GL Assessment exam. Your preparation will be affected by the type of exam your child must take. The CEM exam, for instance, is more focused on vocabulary. Therefore, vocabulary-building practice sessions are a must.

If your child is going to take the grammar school exams, the first step to take is to determine which exam your area will use. This is why it’s important to do so.

Preparation must be based on the exam format

The format of the exam board will affect the format. Imagine preparing your child with the GL Assessment format, only to discover that your region uses CEM.

The format of the exam in your area will dictate how you should prepare. To find out which exam board they will use, contact your grammar school.

Building Familiarity with Format is Important

To get comfortable with a particular format, you must practice the exam together. It will make it easier for your child anticipate the exam if they are familiar with the format. Knowing what to expect will help them feel less anxious, pressure, and tension. They will be more confident in passing a test that they are familiar with.

You should ensure that the 11 plus worksheets are based on the exam format that your child will be taking. This will help your child feel more comfortable and builds confidence.

Time is the Essence

In terms of time taken to complete the CEM and GL Assessment exams, they are also different. CEM exams are divided into two 45-minute sessions. However, it is subject to change each year. The CEM and GL Exams Assessment exams can be completed in 45-60 minutes.

The 11 plus exams are extremely time-consuming. You must ensure that your child can answer questions in a time crunch without losing focus. During practice sessions, time management skills will be developed.

Assessment of Different Knowledge and Skills

CEM and GL Assessment cover different knowledge and skills. The GL exams test 21 verbal reasoning skills. The CEM, on the other hand is more in line with the KS2 National Curriculum.

Knowing the skills required to pass the CEM or GL Exams will make it easier to introduce your child to skill-building methods. It is possible to highlight their weaknesses and help them improve in the future.

It is crucial to understand the differences between CEM Exams and GL Exams. This will help you plan your preparation methods and techniques. You can ensure your child is able to overcome the odds by passing the 11+ exams in your region. These are the key differences between CEL exams and GL exams.

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