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Unleashing Innovation: BENY’s T2S AC EV Charger

In the dynamic landscape of electric vehicle charging, EVB takes the lead with its cutting-edge T2S AC EV Charger, a sleek and efficient solution tailored for the modern EV owner. Boasting a Type 2 Socket with a Shutter in strict adherence to IEC 62196-2 standards, this AC fast charging wallbox stands as a testament to EVB’s commitment to safety, innovation, and user-centric design.

Powerful Features

At the heart of this charging marvel are its standout features. The T2S Socket option provides seamless compatibility, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience. The 5.0-inch Touch Screen interface not only adds a touch of sophistication but also offers intuitive controls, making charging your electric vehicle a breeze.

Connectivity is key, and the T2S AC EV Charger goes above and beyond with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and 4G capabilities. This ensures that you stay connected and in control, whether you’re at home, work, or on the road.

Green Charging for a Sustainable Tomorrow

EVB’s commitment to sustainability shines through with DLB and Solar compatibility. This means you can harness solar energy or manage your load efficiently, contributing to a greener and more sustainable charging ecosystem. It’s not just a wallbox; it’s a step towards a cleaner future.

Safety First

The T2S AC EV Charger prioritizes your safety with CE and UKCA certifications, providing peace of mind and compliance with European standards. The IP65 rating ensures protection against dust and water, making it resilient in various environmental conditions. OCPP 1.6J compatibility further guarantees interoperability, aligning seamlessly with industry open standards.


In the realm of AC fast charging, BENY’s T2S AC EV Charger stands tall as a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and user-centric design. It’s not just a charging solution; it’s a statement of progress towards a cleaner, smarter, and more connected future. Charge ahead with BENY, where power meets intelligence for the modern electric vehicle owner.

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