Top 5 Things to Do With Apples

Apples are one of the most delicious fruits, and they can be found in the UK almost all year. You can make your family and friends happy with apples in summer.

What can you do with apples to please different people? This is a great list for anyone who has an apple tree in their yard. They have free access to cook apples.

Apples are very affordable and can be grown even if you don’t have one. You can find the freshest and best apples at a market, which will make it easier to taste the difference in your apple products.

  • Make apple cider

You can’t go wrong with an alcoholic drink! You can enjoy apple cider all year. Apple cider is refreshing and can be enjoyed with friends in the summer, but warm mulled apple cider can also be enjoyed.

  • Apple strudel

You could make a variety of desserts, including a pie or a crumb, but the Viennese-inspired apple strudel is simply amazing. Bavaria, Austria, Northern Italy and Slovenia are just a few of the countries that were once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

This dish stands out thanks to its light puff pastry and raisins. It’s a popular dish all year. Hope apple strudel is similar to hot apple cider and is especially popular at German Christmas markets.

  • Apple Jam

Although it is not the most popular jam, it ranks behind strawberry and raspberry. Apple jam is delicious, especially when you add cinnamon to it. Jam can be preserved for a long period of time because it is a wonderful preserve.

You can use it as a dessert dollop, sandwich addition or with pork chops. Apple jam is adaptable and versatile.

  • Apple juice

Why is apple juice alcoholic to become cider? It doesn’t, it’s true! The tangy, delicious taste of fresh apple juice can really get people up in the morning.

You will feel great when you make your own apple juice.

  • French Apple Tarts

Another delicious dessert option that is also great for coffee time. The Austrians are not the only ones who make delicious tarts. Apple is a popular filling.

It adds a sweet, nutty taste to your mouth.

Make it a Parisienne experience and share this with your friends.

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