SUPERFIRE: The Zoomable Flashlight That You Can Switch To Different Scenarios

There is a new zoomable flashlight developed by SUPERFIRE on the market. It is very practical and has many functions and can be used for many purposes.

SUPERFIRE has been specializing in lighting products for over 14 years. With years of experience and advanced technology, we provide a wide range of durable and reliable products, including high-quality USB flashlights, Zoomable Flashlight, LED work lights, rechargeable bicycle lights, camping lights, and more high lumen torches. All of them are designed for all kinds of harsh environments. Whether it’s tactical law enforcement, industrial operations, searching and rescuing operations, or outdoor hiking, SUPERFIRE products can meet all your lighting needs.

The unique design of the zoomable flashlight: Two-stage focusing 

  1. Wide angle. Large floodlight shortens the distance between the lens and wick to obtain wide-angle and wide-angle exposure
  2. Long distance irradiation, extending the distance between the lens and the wick, focusing the spotlight.

What are the functions?

SUPERFIRE F3 is a zoomable flashlight, you can switch to different scenes. It has five modes: High, Middle, Low, Strobe and SOS. The flashlight has a bright LED that lasts for 3-5 hours. The flashlight can be charged using the included USB cable and is equipped with a tail rope for easy carrying. The flashlight is also waterproof and can be used normally in rainy and snowy weather


If you want to turn the flashlight on and off quickly with a button or change its brightness according to your area, you may want to see SUPERFIRE zoomable flashlight. This innovative device has a variety of settings, making it very useful for both outdoor and indoor activities.

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