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Revolutionizing Portable Diagnostics: Tianlong’s Gentier Mini+ Real Time PCR System

Tianlong’s innovation in the field of molecular diagnostics is exemplified by the Gentier Mini+ real time PCR system, which delivers unparalleled portability and precision in various scientific and medical contexts. Specifically designed for use in mobile setups, small laboratories, and onsite testing environments, the Gentier Mini+ is an essential tool for professionals dealing with animal diseases, infectious disease control, food safety, and scientific research. This article explores the distinctive features and applications of the Gentier Mini+ real time PCR system that make it a game-changer in the diagnostics field.

Portability and Convenience for Every Setting

The Tianlong Gentier Mini+ real time PCR system is engineered for optimal mobility and ease of use. Its compact and lightweight design enables it to fit easily on any laboratory bench and be transported to different locations without the need for recalibration. This makes the Gentier Mini+ ideal for field applications where traditional lab facilities are inaccessible. Its ability to quickly adapt to different testing environments without compromising performance or accuracy is a testament to Tianlong’s commitment to enhancing diagnostic efficiency and flexibility.

Advanced Technical Capabilities Enhancing Efficiency

Equipped with two fluorescence channels, the Gentier Mini+ real time PCR system boasts an impressive capability to complete fluorescence scanning of 16 wells in just one second. This rapid scanning not only speeds up the workflow but also increases the throughput of diagnostic tests, vital in managing outbreaks or routine high-volume testing. Additionally, the system supports various control modes, including standalone control with a 7-inch touchscreen, computer software control, and remote control via tablet. These features ensure that the Gentier Mini+ can be seamlessly integrated into any lab’s operational framework, providing flexibility and ease of use to lab technicians.

Comprehensive Software and Connectivity

Tianlong has integrated sophisticated software into the Gentier Mini+ that supports an extensive range of diagnostic tests, from qualitative and quantitative analysis to SNP analysis. This versatility is vital for labs that handle diverse testing requirements. Furthermore, the system’s connectivity options, including WiFi, USB, and internet interfaces, ensure that it remains operational and integrated into larger networks for continuous data analysis and sharing. The ability to deliver instant results that can be directly printed or analyzed through PC software makes the Gentier Mini+ a standout in delivering efficient and reliable diagnostic solutions.


The Tianlong Gentier Mini+ real time PCR system is not merely a technical achievement; it is a pivotal development in the field of portable molecular diagnostics. By combining high-performance diagnostics with unparalleled ease of use and connectivity, Tianlong is setting new standards in the industry. The Gentier Mini+ embodies the spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence that Tianlong is known for, making it an indispensable asset in the global fight against diseases and in advancing the capabilities of scientific research.

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