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Rental Display Solutions – The Rise of Micro LED Technology

As a leading brand in the LED display industry, Ledman offers cutting-edge rental display solutions that incorporate the latest advancements in Micro LED technology. With a focus on delivering impressive display effects, Ledman’s custom LED display screens are perfect for applications in concerts, events, and various scenarios where high-quality visuals are essential.

Front and Rear Maintenance

Ledman understands the importance of easy maintenance in rental display solutions. Their custom LED display screens are engineered with front and rear maintenance capabilities, allowing for convenient access to the screen for repairs or adjustments. This feature eliminates the need for complex dismantling processes, saving time and resources. With Ledman’s rental display solutions, event organizers can ensure smooth operations and quick resolution of any technical issues.

Arc Splicing

Ledman’s rental display solutions offer the unique capability of arc splicing, taking display creativity to new heights. With the ability to flexibly curve and shape the LED display screens, they can be seamlessly integrated into curved surfaces or unconventional stage designs. This allows for stunning visual effects and enhances the overall aesthetics of the event, captivating audiences with immersive and dynamic displays.


Ledman’s rental display solutions, powered by Micro LED technology, are revolutionizing the LED display industry. Through features like quick installation, front and rear maintenance, and arc splicing, Ledman ensures that their custom LED display screens provide excellent display quality in various applications. From concerts and events to diverse scenarios, Ledman’s rental display solutions offer impressive visual effects and unparalleled flexibility. Embrace the rise of Micro LED technology with Ledman and elevate your next event or production to new levels of visual excellence.

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