Protect Your Transformer With Saftty Thermal Protectors

Transformers are integral for a plethora of electronics. However, the power supply in these transformers makes them vulnerable to overheating and even catching on fire. The good news is that you use Saftty thermal protectors to protect your transformer from overheating – take a look at this post to learn more!

How do Saftty Thermal Protectors Help Transformer Work Better?

Saftty thermal protectors are devices that are used to prevent transformer failure due to overheating. They work by sensing the temperature of the transformer windings and automatically shutting off the power to the transformer if the temperature gets too high. This prevents the transformer from being damaged by heat and ensures it will continue working properly. Saftty thermal protectors are an important part of transformer safety and should be used in all transformer applications.

Problems encountered by transformers

As the name suggests, thermal protectors are devices that are used to protect transformers from overheating. Overheating is the number one cause of transformer failure, and can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

-Excessive ambient temperatures

-Poor ventilation

-Faulty cooling system

-Excessive load

Saftty thermal protectors are designed to trip when the transformer temperature reaches a predetermined level, thus interrupting the flow of electricity and preventing further heating. They can be either automatic or manual, and must be correctly selected for the application to ensure proper protection.


If you own a transformer, it’s important to protect it from overheating. Overheating can damage the transformer and shorten its lifespan. Thermal protectors are an easy and effective way to keep your transformer safe. By installing Saftty thermal protector, you can rest assured that your transformer will be protected from overheating.

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