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Optimizing Medical Device Packaging: Blister Packs, Clamshells, and Rigid Boxes

When it comes to packaging small medical and healthcare devices, MJC Packaging understands that the right solution can make all the difference. From ensuring proper protection to enhancing the user experience, the company’s expertise in custom medical equipment boxes has positioned it as a leader in the industry. In this article, we’ll explore three of the most effective packaging options for small medical devices: blister packs, clamshell packaging, and rigid boxes with custom inserts.

Blister Packs: Compact and Secure Packaging

Blister packaging is an ideal choice for small healthcare devices due to its compact nature and the ability to combine a rigid plastic cavity with the backing of paperboard or foil. This type of packaging is excellent for single-use items like diabetic test strips or lancets, as it provides a sound barrier against moisture and contaminants while ensuring ease of access.

Clamshell Packaging: Versatility and Tamper Resistance

Clamshell packs, made from a single piece of plastic that folds onto itself, offer a versatile solution for slightly larger or irregularly shaped medical devices, such as handheld medical monitors or small diagnostic devices. These packages can be sealed to enhance tamper resistance and sterilization, while also being accessible for consumers to open and reclose, making them ideal for devices used repeatedly.

Rigid Boxes with Custom Inserts: Exceptional Protection for Delicate Instruments

For higher-end medical devices or those requiring extra protection, MJC Packaging’s custom medical equipment boxes with rigid boxes and custom foam or cardboard inserts provide the ultimate solution. The inserts keep the device in place, preventing movement and potential damage during shipping. This option is suitable for delicate instruments like portable ultrasound machines or advanced therapy devices.


Regardless of the specific medical device, MJC Packaging’s expertise in custom packaging solutions ensures that small healthcare products receive the protection, accessibility, and user experience they deserve. By offering a range of options, including blister packs, clamshell packaging, and rigid boxes with custom inserts, the company helps its clients meet the unique needs of their medical device products. In the ever-evolving world of healthcare technology, MJC Packaging’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction sets it apart as a trusted partner in the medical device packaging industry.

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