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How to Choose the Best Air Source Heat Pump

Choosing the best air source heat pump is a big decision, and with so many options, it cannot be easy to know which is right for you. This article will walk you through all the steps in deciding what type of unit you need and what price range your budget might fall into, and teach you how to find the best heat pump for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Air Source Heat Pump

There are many factors to consider, such as the size of your home, your climate, and your budget. Here are some tips on choosing the best air source heat pump.

First, let’s examine what air source heat pumps are available. There are two main types: sealed systems and vented systems. Sealed systems use a refrigerant called R-22, which is hard to find and expensive to replace. Vented systems use freon or other gases, which can be replaced more often and are cheaper in the long run.

Next, you’ll want to consider how much heat you need and where you will use it. You’ll also want to consider noise levels, energy efficiency, and installation costs.

If space is not an issue, then a sealed system is the best option because it is more energy efficient than ventilated systems. However, if space is a big consideration or you have pets or children who could reach the coolant tubing, a vented system might be better for you. Vented systems also tend to be quieter than sealed systems.

Important Considerations for Installation

System Size

The size of the air source heat pump system depends on several factors, including the heating and cooling capacity required. For example, a small system may only need heating for a single room or small area, while a larger system may be needed to supplement an entire home or office. Therefore, choosing a system that can meet your specific needs is important.


The location also plays a role in selecting an air source heat pump. In colder climates, an air source heat pump may be more efficient than an electric heater because it does not have to work as hard to produce warmth. On the other hand, in warmer climates, an air source heat pump may not be necessary because natural sunlight provides enough warmth. Therefore, when selecting an air source heat pump system, it is important to consider your climate.

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