Detailed international poker terminology for newbies

Poker is a card game using a deck of 52 cards. To be able to play this fun betting game, players need to clearly understand the rules terminology in poker Only then can you become a “winner”. The article below has organized all the poker terms so you can easily understand and remember. Let’s follow along!
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Poker terminology related to position on the poker table

  • Dealer: Dealer is the person who deals the cards and each casino usually has its own professional dealer.
  • Small Blind (SB): The first player to the left of the dealer.
  • Big Blind (BB): The second person to the left of the dealer and the first person to bet on a new card.
  • Early Position: Position in the betting round.
  • Dealer Button (Button): Icon of the dealer’s position in the next round.

Poker terminology in gameplay

Terminology in poker New players need to know about the gameplay including:

  • Tight: A term referring to tight game play where players will only play strong hands such as 88+, AK, AQ, KQ, JTs.
  • Loose: Open play style, where players rarely select hands and play many cards.
  • Aggressive: Aggressive, powerful playing style. Players rarely check or call but instead bet or raise continuously.
  • Passive: Passive gameplay.
  • Tight Aggressive (TAG): Attacking, pressing style of play.
  • Loose Aggression (LAG): A term referring to an aggressive style of play.
  • Rock or Nit: Terminology in poker refers to a group of cautious players.
  • Fish: Refers to weak players at the poker table.
  • Shark: Refers to a master at the poker table.
  • Donkey: An ironic term used to refer to unskilled or weaker players at the poker table.
  • Hit and Run: Refers to players who leave the table without giving their opponents a chance to counterattack or take back.

Poker magic refers to the player’s actions

Fold: Discard cards. If the hand is not strong enough to continue betting, the player can fold and lose the previous bet.

  • Check: If no one has placed a bet before, you should not bet.
  • Bet: Place a bet.
  • Call: Bet equal to the previous player’s bet.
  • Check Raise: If one person does not place an initial bet but raises it after someone else bets.
  • Bluff: Bluff.
  • All-in: Bet the entire amount on the table.

Terminology related to cards in the game of poker

In addition to these terminology in poker Regarding players and gameplay, there are also terms related to cards in poker games that players need to understand. Special:

  • Deck: A set of cards used in playing poker.
  • Burn / Burn Card: Cards that are discarded.
  • Community Cards: Community cards are turned over in the middle of the table.
  • Hand: A term used to refer to a player’s best deck or 5-card combination.
  • Hole Cards / Poker Cards: Ace cards.
  • Made Hand: Someone with a strong combination of cards.
  • Draw: Waiting cards.
  • Monster Draw: Waiting cards with many buying opportunities.
  • Trash: Trash card.
  • Kicker: The extra card decides who wins if they have the same connection.
  • Over-pair: The double trump card is higher than all the community cards on the table.
  • Top pair: A pair of cards consisting of the trump card and the highest community card on the table.
  • Middle pair: A pair of cards in the middle of the flop consisting of your trump card and the community card.
  • Bottom pai: The lowest community cards on the table.
  • Broadway: Term for players with straights from 10 to A.
  • Wheel: Only players whose straight is A2345.
  • Suited Connectors: Only identical, consecutive cards.
  • Poker pair: Terminology in poker Double trump only.
  • Nuts: The player has strong cards and absolutely cannot lose.
  • Board: A term used to refer to the community cards displayed on the poker table.

A term referring to tournaments in poker

In poker, there are also tournament terms that players need to understand such as:
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  • Satellite: Refers to warm-up matches and satellite matches of the main event.
  • Final Table: The table that brings together the best players, the last remaining players in the tournament as other players are gradually eliminated.
  • Re-buy: Only players buy additional optional chips to continue participating in the tournament after losing all chips.
  • Freeroll: Term for a free buy-in tournament but the winner still receives a prize.
  • Freezeout: Only a tournament that does not allow buying additional chips. If a player loses all their chips, that player will be eliminated.
  • In the Money: Only players on the player list can receive prizes in a tournament.
  • Ante: Refers to the player who plays a certain chip before the end of the hand.
  • Chip Leader: The player with the most chips in a poker game.
  • Bounty: A term used to refer to a tournament where you receive money immediately for eliminating an opponent.
  • Coin Flip / Flip: Term used for coin tossing tournaments, 5 wins or 5 losses.


Above are some terminology in poker that new players need to understand before participating in the betting table. Whether you are a new player or a professional, everyone needs to understand these terms before they can participate in tournaments. Hope that information New88 This offer will make it easy for you to enter the game and win.

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