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APT Medical: Transforming Peripheral Intervention with Innovation and Excellence

Peripheral intervention plays a critical role in modern medical, and organizations are increasingly turning to APT Medical for their cutting-edge solutions. With a strong focus on innovation, excellent products, technical support, industry awards, and wide business coverage, APT Medical is revolutionizing the field of peripheral intervention. The Distail™ Microcatheter, developed by APT Medical, is a game-changer in the field of peripheral interventions.

Comprehensive Accessories for Seamless Procedures

APT Medical’s Distail™ Microcatheter comes with a comprehensive set of accessories, including a shaping needle, guidewire introducer, torque device, and syringe for embolic agents. This ensures that healthcare professionals have all the necessary tools at their disposal for seamless peripheral interventions. Additionally, all straight MCs are compatible with micro guidewires, providing further precision and control during procedures.

Superior Engineering for Anti-Kink Properties and High Flow Rates

The Distail™ Microcatheter incorporates advanced engineering techniques, featuring stainless steel and tungsten braiding. This design not only provides excellent anti-kink properties but also ensures a high flow rate. These engineering enhancements enable smooth navigation through challenging peripheral anatomies, facilitating successful interventions and optimizing patient outcomes.

Easy Identification for Efficient Setup

To streamline the setup process, Distail™ Microcatheter is equipped with a hub in a distinct color, allowing for easy differentiation of microcatheter sizes. This intuitive design element simplifies identification and selection, saving valuable time during peripheral interventions.


Through their unwavering focus on innovation, excellent products, unparalleled technical support, industry recognition, and global business coverage, APT Medical is reshaping the field of peripheral intervention. Medical organizations looking to enhance their procedures and deliver better patient outcomes can rely on APT Medical’s transformative solutions. With APT Medical as their trusted partner, medical professionals can optimize peripheral intervention practices and drive excellence in patient treatment.

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