After Law in India: Top Options

A law degree is regarded as one of the most respected career programs. It opens doors to many great career opportunities that are not available with other professional degrees. Many law students choose law admission because they can transfer their skills to other fields and are more secure in their jobs. Law graduates are highly valued by employers because of this high-quality qualification. Students with a law degree are also well-versed in legal procedures, laws and regulations and the ideals of corporate governance. It is easy for them deal with difficult issues and tilt the odds in their favor.

We have compiled a list of options for law graduates who don’t know what their future holds.

After a law degree, there are many career options

Students can start their professional career by entering different areas after completing the law program. Before you move on, however, it is important to know that law students are eligible to join three tiers of government: the Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary. After you’ve understood the benefits of a law degree, we’ll help you to understand specific roles that will lead you to a fulfilling career.


Most law students choose to become advocates after completing their law program. This makes it one of the most popular career options for law graduates. To practice law in the Supreme, State, and District Courts, law graduates must pass the All-India Bar Council exam.


The most respected profession in the country is the Judiciary. Students can then take the competitive exams to become a Magistrate and District Judge after completing their law degree. Students must pass the Judicial Exam administered by Public Service Commission.

3.Government jobs

A law degree can also help students be eligible for Indian Legal Services. This allows law graduates to apply for various positions, including Legislative Counsel or Legal Advisors. Aspirants must pass the Public Service Commission examination to be eligible for government jobs. This qualification makes you eligible to join the Air Force and Indian Army.

4.Legal Advisor

Law graduates are in high demand at banks, business companies and private corporations. Law graduates can work for an NGO to provide legal advice to clients. A business’s decision-making process is greatly influenced by the opinions of a lawyer. A legal advisor can also work with multiple clients.


Students who do not wish to be lawyers can work as journalists at some major media houses. Law graduates have a deep understanding of legalities and can help the public understand some important cases as well as government bills.


Law careers offer a high salary. Law graduates can also work in many areas once they have completed their studies. For a better learning experience, sign up immediately for the Dehradun law school course if you are a potential lawyer.

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